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© 2015 by Corrine Chinfook. 

I'm Corrine!  I am a Holistic Nutritionist.  Here you will find what I love to eat and cook, an do all things well-BEing!  Come along on my journey! 

Have you tried Endless diet trials, workouts and cleanses but still can't resolve the underlying causes of your ailments?

Do you workout and eat well but still have digestive and weight issues? 

I know where you have been. 

  I would workout, build muscle and stay the same weight or gain even more.  I wanted answers, so I looked to google to see what I could find.  It was a complex rabbit hole of contradictory ideas and theories. 

I have tried them all with no results!  So, I decided to head back to school to get the real answers!

I am a holistic nutritionist and I want to help YOU! 

 I look for the root cause of your ailments and work with you through proper nutrition and supplement protocols. 

Do you suffer from any of the following conditions: 

  • Decreased energy through the day

  • Sleepless nights

  • Bloating

  • Chronic digestive issues

  • Unexplained weight gain

  • Skin issues

 Do you want results? 


I am here to support and guide you through your lifestyle change. 

It may be challenging, but I am here. 

to hold YOU accountable for the results YOU want!

What you put into your body is important.  Come work with me and we can put you back into balance! 

Want some weekly inspiration?  

Click the link below to get weekly inspiration in the form of recipes and blog posts.

Does the kitchen overwhelm you?

Do you need some inspiration in your cooking and meal prep? 

I want to help you with your relationship to food. 

I will help you outside the kitchen to balance your life and see joy.  

Need help getting into the kitchen or need some inspiration?

Sign up for my 4 week program that gives you Kitchen Confidence!  

You will start with organizing your kitchen to really feel in control. 

What is covered: 

  • Kitchen Organization and Set up

  • Knife Skills

  • Macro Nutrients

  • Weekly Meal Preparation

  • Videos and Handouts

  • 1-on-1 video time

 You will be the

Master of your Kitchen!