Hi There!  
I'm Corrine and welcome!

Thank you for stopping by.

I've been in your seat at one time in my life or another. I am still on my journey to eating better, reducing my stress, being nicer to others and myself ~ while keeping it all together.  

I was an active child, but always on veered on the side of chubby. I played field hockey and took karate; and as active as I was still chubby.  So as an adult going to the gym, hiking, swimming...still chubby. I got sick with an auto-immune disease called "Graves Disease", (a hyper-thyroid). I was losing my hair and nails, had the shakes, was sweating all the time and on the verge of having a heart attack at 27.  


I had to calm my nervous system, so I I took up yoga, (that's what you do in Vancouver, right?) but this was a game changer for me.   

I decided to get the answers myself!  I attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner.  And now you're at my website, hopefully looking for some hope as well. 

I have learned that to change, you can't change just one thing in your life, you have to change it all.  Being "wholelistic" is just that.  You need to pay attention to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.  So I am here, to help you take care of you.  I believe it is what my true calling is.  I want to see you succeed.  

Here is my promise to you: 

I promise to be supportive, but to keep you accountable.  

I promise to be honest without judgement.

I promise to walk with you, but you need to always take the first step.  

If you want to learn more about my journey, read my BLOG for my history. 

In the meantime, 

Eat well.  Work hard.  Seize wellness.





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